About Tiffany Smith

Tiffany is the Co-Owner and General Manager of Collingridge and Smith Architects, leading the practice’s research design agenda. Tiffany is a chartered accountant through the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with Distinction from Otago University in New Zealand. Tiffany is passionate about understanding the influence of our built environment on our wellbeing and development. This has led to a research partnership being established with Massey University New Zealand in 2016, with Tiffany completing her Master of Philosophy in Science, researching how well our building projects support wellbeing. Prior to joining Collingridge and Smith full time in 2015, Tiffany was also the Corporate Sustainability Manager for Chorus New Zealand and achieved a Ministry for the Environment Green Ribbon award and a Project Litefoot Shield in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Before Chorus and Spark New Zealand demerged, Tiffany was the Corporate Sustainability Manager for Spark and prior to this, she was the Decision Support Manager for Spark Wholesale Capital Investment. She joined Spark after returning to New Zealand from the UK where she spent eight years. While in the UK, she was a Financial Business Consultant for Shell Oil International and the Shell Marine Finance Manager for the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Russia. Other roles included Project Accountant at Worldcom UK, Financial Analyst/Systems Accountant at World Telecom UK and a number of finance roles with Stocklink Distribution New Zealand in the late 90s. Tiffany returned to New Zealand in 2006 seeking a more sustainable life, establishing the practice with Phil Smith in 2007, and completing their own sustainable home in Auckland later that same year.