Green building excellence award for Pakuranga

The collaborative team of New Shoots Children’s Centre, Source Cafe, Establish and CASA.

New Shoots Children’s Centre & Source Café Pakuranga received the Resene Green Building Excellence Award at last night’s Rider Levett Bucknall Property Industry Awards.

Special thanks goes to New Shoots Children’s Centre, Source Cafe and Establish for making this project a reality. This was truly a collaborative project that delivers outstanding sustainable outcomes not only for the environment but also for the community, socially and culturally.

The locality called ‘Pakuranga’ is a Maori name meaning “battle of the sunlight,” based on the legend of a fierce overnight battle between mythical nocturnal monsters. To end the battle, a Maori priest summoned the sun to rise prematurely on the creatures who retreated to the nearby forests. It was said that even the dense forest canopy was not sufficient shelter from the fierce sun, and the creatures perished in the sun’s rays.

To honour this spiritual story the design features a continuous tree-like timber veranda, with vines growing up the posts that will, in time, create a foliage canopy filtering the sunlight through to the rooms and sheltered outdoor areas.

This biophilic design extends through into the interior, where internal plants and extensive glazing gives direct connection to the outdoors, and the expansive greenery of the golf course and park opposite. The extensive glazing maximises views, daylighting and natural ventilation ensuring an optimal internal environment quality leading to positive health outcomes for the children and staff.

PV solar panels optimally sized so that all power generated is used on site – provides approx. 1/3 of yearly power needs. Power needs of the building are substantially reduced by maximising daylighting and natural ventilation.