Welcome to Kakapo Creek Children’s Garden

Kakapo Creek is an early learning centre for up to 100 children in the heart of Mairangi Bay and is founded on the idea of Nga Hau E Wha, the four winds, being symbolic as a meeting place for people from all backgrounds. This idea is embodied in the design of the building, forming it into a circular shape to create a central meeting space, with four main classrooms arranged around it. The shape of the curve was derived from the shape of the stream which forms the site boundary on the northern side of the building and helps root the building in its place.

Further ideas of connection and meeting were explored throughout the design – the four classrooms are fully glazed onto the courtyard which then allows connection between inside and out, and between the rooms themselves. This elegantly simple design is topped off by a timber glulam / ply roof canopy and green roof, further unifying the spaces beneath, and blending the building into its natural environment.

Thank you, Kaye and Ian McKean for such a wonderful opportunity. This project was a true collaboration between:

Client Kaenan Trust
Engineer Markplan Consulting Ltd
Construction Meridian Construction

Materials Techlam NZ, APL, Plytech, Zone Architectural Products
Landscaper Dave Cowen
Furniture Learning Spaces Global
Resources Every Educaid

Photography Mark Scowen