Project Description

Private Home, Whananaki North

Settled in the beautiful East Coast region of Northland, New Zealand, this holiday sanctuary elevates the traditional kiwi Bach.

The design forms one cohesive sleek volume into which timber cladded forms, containing the private spaces, are inserted. Door frames are recessed into the walls, allowing the internal space to open on either side. The blurring of boundaries between indoors and outdoors articulates views of the garden and captures the totality of the terrain.

Internally, the space is divided into distinctive areas, communal and private. The communal area is positioned in the very centre of the building, bringing together all family activities. The more private sleeping areas are separated off from the communal areas and expressed architecturally by the use of timber cladding and timber shutters.

Throughout the design, bespoke furniture pieces have been designed to complement the architecture and to enhance function – the beds are specifically designed for the size of the rooms and to allow a suitcase to be slipped underneath whilst open to enable easy use of the house for a weekend away.

With the glazed walls embracing the outdoors and creating transparency, the building harnesses cross ventilation and an abundance of natural daylight into the heart of the home. For thermal comfort the design includes an underfloor water-based heating and cooling system.

Water wise the building is completely independent. A biocycle sewage system treats black water onsite and uses the residue to irrigate the lush native planting, and two large underground rainwater storage tanks supply all the potable water needed.

Facts + Figures

Client: Private
Location: Whananaki, Northland, New Zealand

Construction cost: Confidential
Area: 300m²
Programme: In progress

Project Team: Phil Smith, Akash Kumar

Construction: D Lenssen Builders Ltd
Landscaper: D Lenssen Builders Ltd
Interiors: Guyco Joinery

Renders: Collingridge and Smith

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