Project Description

Creators Educational Trust, Te Awamutu

This Early Childhood Centre in Te Awamutu sits on the campus of Waipa Christian School, and has been designed for Creators Educational Trust. The 170sqm centre has been built using an innovative modular panel system, the and is the first example of this system being used in New Zealand. The prefabricated unit is built from coated, insulated steel panels, that are bought to site and quickly assembled. The low-cost and energy efficient building process means the construction of the centre took just eight weeks to complete. This is an exciting development in the future of low-cost, efficient construction models for early childhood centres in New Zealand.

The centre itself accommodates 40 children and has been built with the Reggio approach in mind. Natural materials feature throughout the centre and playrooms feature dedicated art spaces for children where they can learn about and experiment with different materials.

The entrance and central core of services is flanked by two open plan playrooms that open to decking and the playground on both sides. This open thoroughfare between the interior and exterior helps to facilitate natural ventilation and fills the playrooms with natural light.

Careful consideration has been made in material selection to ensure a healthy and safe environment for children to learn and play in. Non-toxic, low volatile compounds were used to reduce the exposure to harmful paints and other materials that are thought to contribute to respiratory problems. The building is made sustainable through the inclusion of plenty of natural ventilation, low-energy lighting and good insulation. Photo-voltaic panels on the roof generate most of the buildings required energy.

Facts + Figures

Client: Creators Educational Trust
Location: Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Area: 260m²
Programme: Completed 2014

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