Project Description

Hobsonville Point Terraces

The design for the Catalina Superlot CA1, at Hobsonville Point, proposes a high quality residential suburb that positively addresses the public realm, both within the block and adjacent plots.

We proposed 45 residences of house types ranging from two bed affordable terraced homes to four bed stand-alone detached corner houses.

The design of each unit is a contemporary interpretation of traditional suburban housing. Each selected building component is a high quality material embodying the latest fabrication methods.

The expression of the facades, incorporating open gable roofs, and the massing of the houses is a direct informal response to the internal planning of the houses.

Large windows incorporating ventilation louvres are used for living spaces; small windows for areas such as bathrooms; and roof forms are devised to express the massing of the volumes.

Pergolas provide external shade to amenity spaces; while recessed front doors, garage doors and windows drop back from the main elevations.

Variances in building design offer both a uniqueness to each building type and a unity in the variety of their elements.

Where pitched roofs are used they are of a light, crisp, darker material overhanging the brick and timber composed facades.

Clean, straight lines are used to delineate the change of materials from brick to timber and back again. Deep entrances, expressed windows and pergolas advancing from the facades demonstrate a clear use of materials.

Over the typologies, different brick colours are used to provide a contrast over a larger scale of the development.

Visualisations by Caravan Images.

Facts + Figures

Client: Fletcher Residential
Location: Hobsonville Point, Auckland, New Zealand

Construction cost: Confidential
Area: (Of Lot) Approx. 1.25 ha
Programme: In progress

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