Project Description

Living and Learning Family Centres, Mangere

This design was a renovation and extension of a dilapidated health facility, unifying the whole into a purpose designed modern early learning centre.

‘The centre architecturally is very different from the norm and creates a new standard for childcare environments’

Dr Sarah Farquhar whilst CEO of Early Childhood Council.

The new design follows the logic of the old, using spaces surrounding the sunny courtyard as classrooms, and adding new community facilities to the front.

Indoor/ outdoor flow is maximised by new sliding glass panels which also provide full natural ventilation and daylighting.

Overall, the clients desire to bring hope to this community is vividly embodied in this revitalised building. Dressed in new clothes, the building clearly demonstrates that with passion and vision, an existing ‘problem’, can be turned into an opportunity for all.

Facts + Figures

Client: Living and Learning Foundation – Mangere

Location: Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand

Construction cost: NZD 1.8 million
Area: 700m²
Programme: Completed 2009

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