Project Description

Commercial Building, Orewa

An unusual brief with a unique opportunity to reinterpret the bland tin shed and Alucobond block so common in NZ.

Stacking the office on two levels allowed us to maximise site area for parking and future development, but presented a disconnect in volume with the one storey warehouse. Separating the two and placing an entrance canopy between helped, but through one simple move
(a twist!), a bland warehouse and office was made into a work of architecture.

At each end of the building a vertical wall of profiled steel begins, lifting as it moves towards the opposite end. As it lifts, so the top of the wall leans over to become roof, with the whole wall panel becoming roof panel by the opposite end.

Careful refinement of this unique concept allows the whole structure to be fabricated from straight steel beams and flat sheets of profiled steel cladding, keeping costs to a minimum.

Facts + Figures

Client: Northbridge Properties
Location: Albany, Auckland, New Zealand

Construction cost: NZD 1.2 million
Area: 600m²
Programme: Completed 2010

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