Project Description

Private Home, West Yorkshire

Originally constructed in the 1960’s by a Danish emigre teaching at the Architecture School at Leeds University, this single storey brick house is noticeably different to other vernacular houses within this quiet residential conservation area.

For a start, the use of brick is not common in this historic Yorkshire spa town. Millstone grit and sandstone were more regularly employed in the construction of the town’s many fine Victorian buildings. Lightweight timber cladding and large proportioned windows opening on to gardens either side of the house were also none too common.

Most strikingly was the use of a perfectly flat blue roof, designed to retain water and cool the building down in summer.

Over the years the previous garage has been converted into a very long and thin bedroom; a shed was added to the end, which in turn had its own lean to, and a block-work garage was also added, blocking entry to the shed. The roof has been overpainted and is cracking, and the building is suffering from some wear and tear. While pragmatic and generous in some ways, the layout of the house and size of the rooms have been left behind by modern living.

The client therefore wants to strip away the unsympathetic additions to the house, extend the house and join the garage to the main house in a sympathetic style. Some internal changes will be made to provide larger bedrooms for the client and their children, and add a space for guests.

The living area will also be extended upwards to incorporate an ‘office’ space, where the client can work from home, and the children can do their homework.

The client plans to upgrade the house in terms of insulation (to roof, walls and floor), electrics, and an underfloor heating system. New double glazed windows and doors will replace the single glazed existing ones and new timber rain screen cladding will be installed to the existing house – all in a similar manner to the existing house.

Facts + Figures

Client: Private
Location: Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK

Construction cost: Confidential
Area: 325m²
Programme: In progress

Project Team: Graham Collingridge,
James Browning

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