Project Description

Red Beach Terraces

The terrace houses were designed in Red Beach for Fletcher living, proposes high quality two level residential houses overlooking the neighbouring reserve.

The design offers each unit with a contemporary open plan layout, consisting of two to four-bedroom units. The careful selection of each building component is styled with high quality materials and fabrication methods. The choice of a simplistic material palette was favourable to express clean, straight lines that help define the subtle changes in texture and materiality.

The expression of the façade incorporates open gable and mono-pitch roofs to differentiate each unit as its own. The striking roof pattern of the building further gives an informal response to the internal planning of spaces within the individual houses.

Designed to look clean and light, the building is styled with horizontal weatherboard cladding and a dark aluminium roofing.

Internally, each unit incorporates large sliding doors and windows to keep the building naturally ventilated and lit throughout summer, this is further complemented with fixed-skylights within each unit for deep room penetration.

The division of functions between the two levels allows for a sense of privacy, connecting the occupants to their own private backyard, and improving seamless movement through the internal spaces.

Facts + Figures

Client: Fletcher Residential
Location: Red Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

Construction cost: Confidential
Area: 90 – 150m²
Programme: Completed 2019

Project Team: Phil Smith, Yolande Kromhout

Construction: Fletcher Residential
Landscaper: Natural Habitats

Image Credit: Fletcher Residential

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