Project Description

Red Beach Two Storey Terraces

Lining on side of Taikua Ave Park in Red Beach, is the quality-built design of two-storey terraced homes for Fletcher Living.

To complement the other designs that surround the park, we adopted a simple gable form again, but with a two-tone colour palette.

The design of each residential building unit consists of high-quality materials and fabrication methods. The choice of a neutrally toned material palette throughout the interior and exterior creates a naturally warm and inviting space for the residence. The material variation between buildings are used to provide a contrast over a large scale of the development.

Variations within the design scheme allows for the development of a ranging and diverse neighbourhood.

The idea of gable roof structures was to help identify with New Zealand Vernacular architecture, creating a home-base to which the people of red beach can identify with.

For further variety, the terraces are a mix of two and four bedrooms homes, grouped in sets of four to five homes, all facing the lake. The homes feature large picture windows to maximise views and enhance daylight and ventilation.

Facts + Figures

Client: Fletcher Residential
Location: Red Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

Construction cost: Confidential
Area: 90-150m²
Programme: Completed 2020

Project Team: Phil Smith, John Moran, Zena Gerrard

Construction: Fletcher Residential
Landscaper: Natural Habitats

Image Credit: Fletcher Residential


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