Project Description

Victoria Avenue School, Remuera

Our contribution to the community Forest project for the Victoria Avenue School playground aims to encourage children’s care and guardianship of the natural school environment by providing an active outdoor learning and play experience.

As part of the three phases set out by the school, the practice took part in the implementation of the overall playground scheme. The design consisted of connecting the existing playground with an amphitheater, stepping logs and adding additional loose parts to complete the projects connection with other playscapes.

The proposal maximises the natural slope with areas to climb, and the inclusion of native planting and water play unfolds a space for natural discovery and exploration.

Phase three of the project addresses bringing the adventure back to the forest by putting in a natural adventure playground – ropes, swings, balance beams as well as a sandpit.

The extended timber boardwalk includes the names of those who have sponsored the project, while the remaining other walkways throughout the forest covers a combination of playground elements such as tyres and logs.

Acknowledgments to the main sponsor Manuka Doctor, and the team Charlotte Houghton, Lidia Cooper, Sarah Reid and Margot Kynoch for driving the project, as well as members of the community and PTS for fundraiser events.

Facts + Figures

Client: Victoria Avenue School
Location: Remuera, Auckland

Construction cost: Confidential
Programme: Completed 2021

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